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How Does B3 Work?

It is through repetition that advertising and promotion works. People see your face, card, ad, logo or product over and over. What you are building by creating this consistency is a relationship of TRUST! If you are providing valuable content such as a tip filled interview, then readers and viewers start to believe in you.

This is because you are being of service AND withstanding the test of time. When they see you advertising only on your own social media platforms and mailing lists, they may come to the assumption that you do not believe in your company enough to promote it consistently and professionally. If you are consistent your potential clients will know that you are reliable and good at what you do.

But there is a lot more that makes B3 Magazine an exposure FACTORY for YOU!

B3 Magazine has a very different way of client promotion as we not only have magazine itself, but we also have exposure packages that are designed to give our contributors advertising opportunities on 3 MAJOR PLATFORMS...That's Print, Video and Podcast!

We interview our Featured Experts by having a pre-recorded session on Zoom. We give our experts a list of questions prior to the interview, we then set up a time for recording. (It lasts about 30 min) We then have the video component edited. We post those videos on our various social media platforms. Then we take the audio from the recording and we put that on our Podcast. We take your interview questions and we convert that to print. You are effectively advertising on three major platforms for only one price. There are no other promotional companies doing that.

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